Walk with Dabir Chacha for RFC

Legendary Dabir Chacha will continue to walk in his communal garden during the month of Ramadan to raise much needed funds for victims of Covid-19 in the UK and globally.  Last year Dabir Chacha demonstrated how we can collectively achieve a milestone by supporting causes which matter to humanity.  In 2020, with your generous global support, Dabir Chacha raised more than £420,000 for the NHS, the most disadvantaged in the UK, Bangladesh and globally. This year, thousands of people across the world will walk 1,500,000 steps with Dabir Chacha to raise much needed funds on the same day at the same time. These funds will provide shelter for the homeless, feed the destitute, provide education for young girls and boys, aid widows, and help war-torn communities affected by disasters. The donations will also help build community institutions in the UK based on collective needs. The funds raised will be distributed equally amongst the charity partners of Channel S and those who are participating in the live fundraising programmes during the month of Ramadan.