Why help DC Foundation support Valerie Taylor Trust?

Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed, commonly known as CRP, was founded in 1979 by a small group of Bangladeshis and a British physiotherapist, Valerie Taylor. Miss Taylor came to the Bangladesh (then known as East Pakistan) in 1969 as a volunteer physiotherapist and was appalled at the lack of facilities for the disabled and the often-poor diagnosis by local doctors. She supported the organisation through Valerie Taylor Trust (VTT) in raising funds and awareness. 

The situation for the disabled was worsened in the aftermath of the 1971 Independence War, after which Bangladesh won its independence from Pakistan. After many years of disappointments and setbacks, CRP was opened in 1979.

The organisation has grown since and spread across Bangladesh. It now provides medical treatment, rehabilitation and support services focusing on physical, emotional, social, psychological and economic aspects to over 72625 people.

It further promotes empowerment of disabled people through community-based services, advocacy and networking on disability issues and empowerment of disabled girls and women, having had over 900 students graduate, 515 students vocationally training and 431 students employed.

The Dabirul Choudhury Foundation stands in awe of the VTT and expresses immense gratitude to Valerie Taylor OBE and her fellow colleagues for dedicating their lives in helping meet the desperate needs of people with disabilities.

That said, the Foundation recognises the enormous scale of crisis and impact the pandemic has had across the globe. Thus, the foundation calls upon members of the public to help support VTT and CRP in meeting the needs of people with disabilities in Bangladesh and to take part in “Enable Hope”

“Enable Hope”

“Enable Hope” is an initiative designed to raise awareness and support for Valerie Taylor Trust (VTT).

The foundation aims to raise funds for VTT and help meet the needs of people with disabilities in Bangladesh.